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About MCLA

We are able to mitigate risk and provide capital

The MCLA is a non-profit organization founded in 2007, dedicated to the support and education of all commercial lenders, as we focus on Federal, State and local guarantee lending programs. In this 2023 post Covid economic crisis, fulfilling the MCLA mission is extremely critical. The conventional capital markets are being upended and are in flux and turmoil. New businesses are finding it difficult or even impossible to access and obtain capital for start-up ventures thereby limiting regional job creation and economic growth. Existing businesses in need of expansion capital or recapitalization of existing credit lines are being shut out of conventional capital markets and are in dire need of alternative sources of capital to grow and or survive. Through the use of government programs, MCLA member lenders are able to mitigate risk and provide access to capital for these businesses. In essence, we see our mission as helping SBA lenders improve their processes and understanding of their client’s needs to make good SBA loans.